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Thread: Adobe Bridge Problem

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    Adobe Bridge Problem

    While looking at a night image of streaked light tails, the colors suddenly merged and became over-saturated. This issue was referred to on an Adobe forum which mentioned preferences and XMP files, but then a link page did not connect me to any further explanation. Adobe Help was useless.

    Look at the background on this website and you see red streaks with a space between them. I had something like that when suddenly they were merged together and became an over-staurated blurred solid line of color.

    Any ideas how I can find the original look?

    I discovered that when I open the image in Preview, it has the lookI want. When I open it in Camera Raw, the colors are merged.
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    Re: Adobe Bridge Problem

    What do you mean by "merged?"

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    Re: Adobe Bridge Problem

    Can you not provide a link to an example image Frank?

    Difficult to advise without seeing what you're talking about.

    Over exposure sounds like the most likely issue though.

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