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Thread: Paint Shop Pro X5

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    Paint Shop Pro X5

    the update to Service Pack 3 fails due to missing PSPPRO.msi file.
    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Paint Shop Pro X5

    Contacting Corel for help would be where I would start.

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    Re: Paint Shop Pro X5

    While I am quite satisfied with PSP I have little faith with Corel. After trying to contact them by e-mail I finally wrote a detailed explanation of my problem by par avion snail-mail .... about three months later I received a letter from them asking me to describe my problem . Couple of days ago I bought PSPX6 and am sure I wanted the 'Ultimate' version but the computer only gave me the plain x6 version .... earlier as a PSP user they gave me an offer "pre-release" to buy PSPX6 but when I went to accept the offer they had an 'extra' feature at more expense tacked onto the check-out page which I couldn't delete so I scrubbed the deal. I was able to delete it when it became generally available post release.
    Since I now have five versions of PSP in my computer and four discs if X6 bites the dust I will not be unduely worried
    My other beef with Corel was that although coming I think from America X6 was sold as if from Australia and the boxed version appeared to only be available in Australia

    I'd like to help you Werner but I skipped x4 to x6 and anyway don't know how to get into a programme to copy a file for you even if I had it.
    Can you ask Corel to download it again for you?
    Though I don't associate Service Packs with Corel only MS. Should you contact Microsoft?

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    Re: Paint Shop Pro X5

    Hi, thanks for replying. Corel is not very approachable - except for sales that is.
    I guess, this was the last Corel product I purchased.

    Bye and have a good time.


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