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Thread: The Morning Dunes

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    The Morning Dunes

    Hi friends,

    I spent a night in the desert in this summer temperature just tried to capture morning glory of the desert near Ain in Abu Dhabi. The weather was not pleasant for taking photos
    and the morning was overcast.

    I had enhanced two of the photos and they were taken using Nikon and Fuji. I don't really like enhancement but I just wanted to view the effects.

    Do drops some comments for improvements.


    CK See
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    Re: The Morning Dunes

    the location looks outstanding for landscape pics but i guess u just missed it by a few minutes to capture the beauty of the land... landscapes need perfect timing! almost perfect lenses! and great deal of patience to walk around in cirlces to get to that vantage point! captures those lovely tones! textures! shadows! etcthese pics are a little too common and simple to get that wow effect ! but still good effort!

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    Re: The Morning Dunes

    Not quite sure what you mean taken, by 'too common' as not many folk trek into the desert for sunrise!

    Looking at them as pictures though, I think on pic 1 I would have tried to make more of the footprints on the crest of the dune (probably yours the photographer?) It would have given the picture a bit more of a 'subject', which perhaps otherwise I am left wondering what the subject is....the dune, the footsteps, the road?

    Of those of the sun, maybe less central? Maybe lower viewpoint?

    On the last shot, flare is showing and this is a typical thing with sunrises/sets. Either stop shooting when it gets that bright, or go the other way and make a feature of it, rather than it being there by accident.

    Only my thoughts.

    Wish I could have been out there, wow, what an opportunity...

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