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Thread: Look how jump!

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    Look how jump!

    Hello to everyone.
    Thank you very much for viewing and comment.

    Look how jump!

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    Re: Look how jump!

    Ya need to boost that SS...jumping dog is soft.

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    Re: Look how jump!

    Hi Feracu,

    It is a good idea and reasonable capture, but could be improved significantly if re-shot in more controlled conditions - that said, I don't know how easy that might be with your subjects

    The EXIF data above was Olympus E620 at 50mm (so 100mm FFE), 1/500s, f/5.6 and 100 iso.

    If you do have another go, please show us the result here.

    Things I would do differently (if possible);
    avoid the sharp foreground foliage
    try to shoot against a less patterned/distracting background
    keep the camera level (or deliberately angled)
    don't 'watermark', but if you must, not in red text, that really attracts the eye away from the subject

    But for all that advice, this is a fun shot and made me laugh (after a less than ideal day at work), so well done.

    I hope that was helpful - and (if I haven't said this before) welcome to the CiC forums,

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