I try to load 5 TIFF files converted from RAW with DxO, and one of the files is for some reason 3002 x 2000 pixels, while the others are measuring 3008 x 2000 pixels.

This makes Photomatix dismiss them with the words "Source images do not have the same width or height."

Photomatix writes in the FAQ about batch processing, that you can tick the "Do not crop" to avoid the program complain. ( "When the Do not crop option is checked, Photomatix will not change the size of the images after alignment and Stitcher will not complain.") - But I still can not load my pictures. Furthermore, I would rather not work through batch processing.

All images have size 3039 x 2014 as NEF (RAW) files. And loaded as RAW files there is no problem. - But Photomatix recommends, that you make the conversion in a dedicated converter!

Can you help with this problem?

Regards, Henrik