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Thread: cs5 and the canon 6d

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    cs5 and the canon 6d

    As some may know i now have a canon 6d, and i finally got the lens for it. And i took a few photos and went into CS5 and turns out the raw file isnt compatible with cs5 camera raw. So i updated the camera raw and still not compatable. I looked on the dobe website the 6D isnt at all compatible with CS5, and i dont have the money to get CS6. A bit bummed out. I'll try to update the canon software and see if that gets me somewhere.

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    Re: cs5 and the canon 6d

    No need Allen,

    Just convert your files to DNG using Adobe's free converter, and they'll open just fine. I convert all of mine to DNG regardless - several advantages, no disadvantages for me.

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