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Thread: Mixbook

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    Well I've tried a couple of online companies for photo book printing, and decided to try Mixbook this time. Has anyone else tried them yet?

    Compared to others (one local and one popular international company called Blurb) book creation is easy - customer service is reported to be good and print quality is supposed to be high. We shall see!

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    Re: Mixbook


    I have not heard of Mixbook. The one I used when I did a book of what is now my 'Beaujolais' gallery on my website, was Pixum. I found their design software very easy to use and was delighted to receive a finished product that was much, much better quality that I had expected. I thought it would be 'okay' based on the reviews that I'd read. However, I was very impressed by the reproduction of the pictures and the overall quality of the book.

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