Can anyone report on Lyson Fotonic XG inks for the Epson 1400/1430 printers? I'm looking for a cost effective alternative to Epson Claria inks that is at least reasonably light fast. I've been using MIS D2 inks, which look good initially and cost 1/40th the cost of Epson ink, but they fade quickly. Aardenburg-Imaging now has the MIS-D2 on Red River UltraPro Satin paper in their test results and at 10 megalux-hours it looks pretty bad. At 20 megalux-hours it is horrible. This is consistent with what I've seen with prints I've hung in well-lit environments. (The Red River UPS was chosen for the test specifically because it is a low OBA paper and the test results would demonstrate the ink's light fastness and not be impacted by the paper. I know this because I worked with Mark McCormick-Goodhart to made the test prints.)

Lyson Fotonic XG is 1/10 the cost of Epson, and four time more expensive than MIS-D2, but would be a good value if the images don't fade away in a year.