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Thread: How to show the most perfect moment of seaside twilight with cold tone

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    How to show the most perfect moment of seaside twilight with cold tone

    Twilight is the most perfect moment to photograph the landscape of cold tone, travelling and outdoor life photographerJulian Love found this gratifying sight in the photography way back from the Isles of Scilly in an evening. He used 105mm focal length of the longest side of 24-105mm lens and photographed this entire scene with a compact composition.
    "I saw the sailing in the foreground, I put it in the one-third position of the screen, and then use the island in the back to create a satisfactory composition effect." He said, "the specular reflection between the cloudless sky and calm blue sea were demonstrated perfectly. The photography environment in this September evening was very calm, the surface of the water had glass-like visual sense, but if there were a lot of clouds, they will interfered with the pure color of the sky, so that the effect on the composition will not be so good as it is now. "
    In order to "reduce" the sky's light, Julian took a minus file ND filter. "The sky’s brightness was much brighter than the sea, and I needed to average the amount of exposure, landscape photography was to see how you re-interpret all the available light in the scene, which was why you should master to photograph in a few hours during the period that the light was changing. The last glimmer of light during the day will provide cool colors of twilight scene, this is totally the same with the effect of online photo effect, this alone, it is definitely worth the patience to wait for some more time because of this. "

    The magical light after the sun fade away will provide cool colors for the screen.
    Photography tips
    ★ Ensure sufficient depth of field, set the aperture value to f/11 or smaller, you can use an ND filter to avoid the light being too strong so that you can not use a small aperture. Use a tripod, because the shutter will need a few continuous seconds to open in low-light environment.
    ★ Use the lock function of camera's reflector panel, and match the use of shutter, remote control, or the camera's self-timer function to avoid vibrations caused when the shutter is pressed.
    ★ If there are no clouds in the sky, try to put the horizontal line in the position middle line of the whole screen to balance the respective ratio of the sky and the sea.

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    Re: How to show the most perfect moment of seaside twilight with cold tone

    Hello John and welcome to CiC.

    I notice that in this and your previous post, you seem to be offering advice without explaining any context for the giving of that advice. It might be helpful if you could explain to fellow members what it is you are thinking about when you make your posts.

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