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Thread: Cluster of Fungi - B&W

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    Cluster of Fungi - B&W

    With all the heat we have had over the last couple of weeks I figured that the 'shrooms were done for a while. Well, I guess I figured wrong. I found this cluster under the Dawn Redwoods out back while mowing this evening.

    Sorry bout the specks of cut grass on them...I tried to brush it off but was afraid I would ruin the 'shrooms (I have never been known to be real gentle)

    C&C appreciated.

    1.Cluster of Fungi - B&W

    2.Cluster of Fungi - B&W

    3.Cluster of Fungi - B&W

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    Re: Cluster of Fungi - B&W

    It's the third one that appeals to me most, as we can see them in their setting, as opposed to just them alone. I alos like how you've processed that one.

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