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Thread: Low light and fog

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    Low light and fog

    This is a three shot stack taken at dusk (it was darker than the image suggests). Setting the color tone is the real challenge here. I have reworked this image several different ways and finally decided that some blue cast was neccessary to give the feeling of dusk, as well as the cold of winter. The blueish cast actually has a green bias to it - a pure blue actually seemed to look like it had a magenta cast (weird).
    Low light and fog

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    Re: Low light and fog


    This is the type of image I usually do you tell a guy that his firs are flat and is waters are dull....however you have created a striking image from a relatively mundane scene. The layered effect of the the trees in the fore and middle ground is very nice. I would not worry too much about colour casts that are so imperceptible (on my screen at last).


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    Re: Low light and fog

    I agree with Wirefox. I usually shy away from shots like this, but this one looks great. Unfortunately I can't think of any way to critique it. Good job, though!

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