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Thread: Neat Image v. Lightroom 4 - Any views

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    Neat Image v. Lightroom 4 - Any views


    Before I began using Lightroom, I purchased the Neat Image plug-in for PSE as being strongly recommended for noise reduction, and was very happy with it. Now, I have heard several posts being complimentary about LR's noise reduction capability.

    Does anyone have a view as to whether there is still a place for Neat Image. Obviously, it complicates the workflow a bit, because it steps out of the non-destructive LR history, but it would be worth it is the results are sufficiently better.

    So why don't I just try it? I can install the version that I have already licensed on my new PC, but unfortunately it's the home edition that will only process 8 bit images, and I'm normally working with 16 bit.

    Any views gratefully received,



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    Re: Neat Image v. Lightroom 4 - Any views

    I've worked with both and NeatImage works fine but as you said changes the workflow a bit. I use it on a system that doesn't Lightroom installed, but does have Elements and it faor superior to the Elements Noise reduction function. On my other laptop which has Lightroom installed I would forego NeatImage and just use the Lightroom noise reduction function. So basically, NeatImage and Lightroom are on an even par for me regarding Noise Reduction capabilities.

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