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Thread: Macro experiments

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    Macro experiments

    1. Paper wasp.

    Macro experiments

    2. Rain forest scorpion.

    Macro experiments

    They were taken with a hand held Canon 5d III, 100mm F2.8L macro lens. No 1 at 1/100s, f9, ISO 2500, no 2 1/60s, f4.5, ISO 2000, both spot AF. I find that it is usually difficult to get the depth of field that I want with close-ups like these. With the scorpion I would have liked to get the mouth in focus as well. I could have used a slightly higher ISO and perhaps even a slower shutter speed but there did not seem to be a lot of room to move. It is difficult for me to see whether it is sharp until I download the pictures.

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    Re: Macro experiments

    Very beautiful pictures.

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