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Thread: Color Space Conversion

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    Color Space Conversion


    My workflow is Raw>PSD>jpg. I convert the PSD to jpg using the Image Processor. If I don't check the "Convert to sRGB" box, the color/hue does not match the color in the original PSD. It is distinctly different. The original RAW was shot in RGB and the PSD was RGB so why do I have to convert it to sRGB to get the same color?

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    Re: Color Space Conversion

    RGB and sRGB are different things. Chances are ACR is feeding the image into PS as Adobe RGB or Profoto RGB - and it stays in the Adobe RGB / Profoto colourspace unless you convert it to something else (which is what "save to web" functions do).

    Easiest way to check is to simply open the image up in PS - click on "EDIT, CONVERT TO PROFILE (not ASSIGN PROFILE) and see what it already is.

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