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Thread: Trigger voltage Minolta Auto 80PX

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    Trigger voltage Minolta Auto 80PX

    I think I have searched every site for this information. I want to get back into some macro photography and I have the above captioned ring flash to aid in exposure. No one seems to know (or at least it is not posted) the answer. I will be shooting one of three cameras in this endeavor. 1) Sony a99, 2) Sony a77 or 3) Canon T2i. Obviously my concern is the possibility of frying the circuitry of the cameras if the voltage is too high.

    I submit this question with a little bit of trepidation not knowing if this is too basic for for this type of forum (my first post). I am returning to a former passion after a 20 year absence. I have just sent in an order for the Wein Safe-Sync in order to utilize some of my other older flashes. If I could safely attach the ring flash without the Wein device it would avoid the need to change back and forth. I am using a copy stand and could leave the camera attached for some of the real close work. Thank you for any help.


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    Re: Trigger voltage Minolta Auto 80PX

    Most of the Minolta PX series of flashes were around 250 to 300 volts, but the 80PX is not in my listing, so I would say you need the SafeSynch. You can measure the trigger voltage yourself with a digital voltmeter. Once the flash is charged up and the ready light is on, measure across the synch terminal contacts.

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