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Thread: Big fella #03

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    Big fella #03

    Hi ALL,

    Another shot of big fella I wish to share with all members out there but this time it's a butterfly and not dragonfly as posted earlier. Its common name is Saturn. This species is considered common and can be found in deep forest here. It was captured into my censor 2 weeks ago while resting on dried leaf under the figs tree.

    Big fella #03

    Saturn Butterfly is a species native to nature reserves and it’s leafy camuflage on the underside of it’s wings allows it to blend within forested areas especially dried leaves. The average wingspan is about 1.0 cm. The male's wing tend to have blue markings on the inner side, while female are predominantly yellow. Saturn feeding greedily on rotten pineapple and guava.

    Thanks for viewing. Your c & c would be helpful and appreciated.
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    Re: Big fella #03

    Another very nice job, Walad! Well done!

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