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Thread: Laptop. Any suggestion?

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    Laptop. Any suggestion?

    Goodday everyone,

    I intended to get one laptop suitable for image editing with Photoshop.

    Any suggestion from our fellow pros ?

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    Re: Laptop. Any suggestion?

    My first suggestion would be to stay away from laptops entirely as the screens are too small (unless you are planning to use a supplementary screen) and the keys are too close together; go for a desktop. If you still want a laptop, any brand will do, but make sure that it has a higher end IPS screen (rather than the less expensive TN; which most laptops use) for good colour accuracy. No laptop that I am aware of comes with enough RAM; these days 16GB is recommended, but you can get away with 8GB (assuming a 64-bit OS).

    I do virtually all my editing on a desktop because of the limitations of laptops, even though I have a couple of laptops (one high end and one middle(leaning towards high) end. I only use it on the road and go back and touch up the work on the a desktop when I get back home. Laptops are built to be light weight and be portable; so other functionality tends to suffer.

    Photoshop works pretty well identically on Macs and PCs, so I have no preference of one platform over the other.

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    Re: Laptop. Any suggestion?

    I agree with Manfred, stay away from a laptop if you want to do editing, I see you have a D800 think of the time it will take to put together a 5 shot HDR or Pano with the file size from the D800. Another is the screen you have to get it at the correct angle to view or the images will not look correct if another time you view them and the angle is not the same. I use one to travel, I download at the end of the day, delete any I do not want then copy to an external drive for backup. I might play with some of the images to get a feel for the look I want, but final is always done on the desk top which has all the power I need along with a large monitor.



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