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Thread: Moon Shot Advice

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    Moon Shot Advice

    The moon this weekend is extremely bright and as a novice, I would like any help/tips/suggestions in obtaining a great photo. I have a tripod ans will be using a 55-300 telephoto lens if that helps with advice?

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    Re: Moon Shot Advice

    First time I tried it I used AE to get me a starting point and then remembering what the camera had picked, in Manual reduced the shutter speed by a quarter [ twice] until I saw detail on the moons surface instead of a white blob. I would not change that procedure becuase the intensity of the moon is quite different depending on location and atmospheric conditions. You should not need a faster ISO than 100 ISO
    Since the earth is rotating at a suprising rate which we do not usually appreciate you need a faster shutter speed. I didn't use a tripod as the night was freezing cold and merely held the camera firmly against my 'outhouse'.
    Others probably did/do it differently
    Moon Shot Advice
    On the other hand you may want to combine the moon with earth features and this tells you how I did it on another occasion but others have done it much better ... two snaps while I was in the audience.
    Moon Shot Advice
    The point with digital is that you can review what you got and get a reasonable idea of which way to possibly alter setting in M or perhaps better off the histogram.

    EDIT ... I trust you found the adjacent thread "Full Moon Photography" which is full of good advice
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