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Thread: Converting to Black and White from CMYK

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    Converting to Black and White from CMYK

    I have a question regarding converting a color digital file to black and white. I like very much the technique of adding the two Hue/Saturation layers and then making adjustments to convert the image to black and white.

    However the specific image i am working on is destined for the printing press and i have it in CMYK not in RGB. After adjustment with the two Hue/Saturation layers, the image becomes monochrome, but with a light red tint and it's not quite black and white. I went back and tried this technique on a RGB version of the file and it looks good.

    Any suggestions? Can the two Hue/ Saturation Adjustment layer technique work correctly on a CMYK file or does it have to be applied to a RGB file? If it does not work optimally for a CMYK file can someone recommend another technique that would work well on CMYK files?

    thank you, if someone could help me out here, i'd greatly appreciate it...

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    Honestly, just make it a lot easier on yourself and first convert the image to RGB, then apply the b/w conversion, then convert back to CMYK for printing. Yes, this could introduce image posterization, but if that is not a problem then this is probably the easiest and fastest method...

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