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Thread: Purple fringing or blooming against sky

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    Purple fringing or blooming against sky

    I've read everything that I thought would help with the problem that has plagued me the most since I purchased the FujifinepixS700. But I haven't found any answers. I often get this strange purple highlight around objects when the sky is the background. Sometimes the highlight apears green. It happens a lot more with tree branches than anything else.
    What causes this and how can I correct it?

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    Re: Purple highlight

    I believe that what you are seeing is the "blooming" or "purple fringing" effect, which is caused by spillover from overfilled, closely-spaced photo sites on your camera's digital sensor. It would be great if you could post an example though. It could also be chromatic aberrations, but based on your description this does not seem as likely. Chromatic aberrations can occur nearly anywhere (although these are often more visible in regions of high contrast), and are much more prevalent toward the edges of your photo.

    Try shooting with a smaller aperture setting to see if the effect is reduced; if it is, then chromatic aberrations are the likely culprit. If not, then it is most certainly purple fringing or blooming. Purple fringing is more prevalent with smaller sensor sizes, and for a given camera, is sometimes unavoidable for certain subject matter. Some camera makers are better than others at minimizing its appearance using in-camera post-processing...

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