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Thread: Contemplating

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    Hello all!

    I shot this last month on a vacation in Malaysia. Personally, I like the idea. But in execution it is lacking. I don't know exactly what but it's just dull. Do you have any idea how this image could have been better. Given the lighting conditions as they are. It was high noon in the tropics. There were some faint clouds, but overall the light was pretty harsh. But I would have had no option on coming back like during the golden hour.


    Thanks a lot for any help you can give me

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    Re: Contemplating

    Hi Michiel, the monkey sitting atop of the canon makes for a smart image. Background is dull. I think software could dramatically improve your sky and even the rest of the image's background. I would also consider cropping part of the image and focus more strongly on the monkey and the canon.


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    Re: Contemplating

    I think the biggest problem here, Michiel, is that we can't see the monkey's face. That really would have been a stunning shot.

    Maybe a slight very careful tweak of the sky would help; but it will be so easy to overdo this and ruin everything.

    Cropping to a different size ratio, like 4 x 5 for example, may be worth trying; but there is a risk that it could make the scene appear too 'cramped'.

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    Re: Contemplating

    Thanks for the replies. I tried tweaking the sky but it doen't really help that much. I think I agree that it would be nice to see a little (but not to much) of the monkey's face.

    Thanks again for the help!

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