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Thread: Free as a kite

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    Free as a kite

    While shooting the sights at a local park I came a across a distraught couple that informed me that their new stunt kite had broken away and had continued to fly on its own. Within a few moments I was able to spot it and get this shot. It was amazing to watch it soaring high above, amongst the clouds. It never returned.

    All b.s. aside - the foreshortening of a 300mm lens makes this kite seem as if is amongst the clouds (with a little imagination). Actually, the kite is less than a 100 yards away and the clouds were at least five miles away.

    1/1000 sec., f/8, ISO 200, Nikon 70-300mm VR @ 300mm
    Free as a kite

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    Re: Free as a kite

    Is it my eyes or can I see pink in the clouds to the right of the kite. Maybe some kind of optical illusion.

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    Re: Free as a kite

    I think more "effect" than "illusion" Steve,


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