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Thread: Red-footed Booby Rookery

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    Red-footed Booby Rookery

    Red-footed Booby Rookery
    I think I over-processed this one. I was privileged this week to be able to photograph in a restricted area that contains a red-footed booby rookery. I have posted a large number of booby photos on my web site from that shoot. As a result, I have been asked to do volunteer work as a photographer for the Environmental Department of a large Marine base here on Oahu. They are planning to develop an interpretive display program to highlight their work at preserving the environment aboard a large Marine/Navy air base. They have won many national awards for their environmental accomplishments and now I will be able to document it in photos. This is a win-win situation for this will give me access to restricted areas that contain a wedge-tailed shearwater colony and marine wildlife. Exciting opportunity!

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    Re: Red-footed Booby Rookery

    Nice shot of an interesting bird. Congrats on the opportunity to photograph in those restricted areas. Looking forward to seeing some of the shots!

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