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Thread: Rohini Landscape

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    Rohini Landscape

    On my way to Siliguri from Darjeeling i regularly pass through Rohini Bypass Road. Roadside view is beautiful. I rarely get down from my car to shoot a few pictures as the road is winding and dangerous. Last Sunday i was almost compelled to get down from my car as clouds were passing and a beautiful panorama was in my sight. I shot the scene with my Nikon D5100 and Nikkor 55-300mm VR.I hope you will like the shot. Any suggestion or C&C is welcome.Rohini Landscape

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    Re: Rohini Landscape

    I wonder about a slight crop from the top and left side. Not really sure though.

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    Re: Rohini Landscape

    Hi Pinaki

    It is a nice scene with the clouds in the valley. Judging by the trees, I think the image needs some straightening - about 3 degrees anti-clockwise. My views on cropping are a bit different to Geoff's - I'd probably take a bit off the bottom to remove most of that brown area but retaining the plaque. Perhaps a bit of highlight reduction too to soften the clouds a little.


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