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Thread: Sunwayfoto Manual for DB-44DL

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    Sunwayfoto Manual for DB-44DL

    I just bought a used Sunwayfoto DB-44DL ball head. This is a major step up for me in using such a sophisticated ball head. It looks beautiful. It did not come with a manual nor can I find one on the Sunwayfoto website. Can anyone help me locate one?

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    Re: Sunwayfoto Manual for DB-44DL

    Neither of my ball-heads came with instructions either, but they really are not that hard to figure out. The ballhead is screwed onto the tripod stud, and there may or many not be a locking screw to keep it in place.

    From there, generally you have three things to worry about; a screw or lever to lock your camera to the ball head. This plate is attached to the tripod mount of your camera. You should have at least 2 knobs; one will release the ball head and it will allow you to position your camera and the second one will allow the whole ball-head to swivel around an axis through the tripod column. Once you are in position, just lock it by tightening the knob.

    You should also have a cutout on the ball head that lets you swing the camera from landscape to portrait orientation; but be careful here as the tripod might not be totally stable in this orientation.

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