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Thread: Off camera self portrait

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    Off camera self portrait

    Afternoon all

    My partner and son have gone away for the day so after doing my house work I thought I would take a few self portraits of myself. Like a lot of people I get self concious when looking at photos of myself but pretty pleased with the outcome.

    Shot with D3100 and 55-200mm lens. Yongnuo 460II on a light stand camera right shooting through a home made snoot made from a cereal box:

    [IMG]Off camera self portrait Me by Darren Joseph Gregory, on Flickr[/IMG]

    What do you guys think?

    Have a great weekend wherever you are!
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    Re: Off camera self portrait

    Looking mostly forward, so I would crop tighter on the left side.

    Probably, the current crop would look OK if a side view facing to the left.

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