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Thread: If you like pink.....

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    If you like pink.....

    Nothing really I can say which is of any value here. As you are no doubt thinking' " Not another picture of yet another bloody rose bud! Has the man no imagination? " No. Probably not. Sorry about that
    So, thank you anyway for making the effort to view this post.

    If you like pink.....

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    Re: If you like pink.....

    Ken, it's always a pleasure watching beautiful flowers, at least for me,
    and this picture is not a bad one too. I like the bokeh and the noise grain

    have a good day

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    Re: If you like pink.....

    I like that too. The noise grain - which I hope was made intentionally - and the well defined petal on the right gives me impression that the rose is trying to bloom upwards (does that make sense?) like getting out of the picture. Loved the bokeh too!
    I love roses - they are my favorite flower ^^

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