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Thread: Equestrian

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    Houcine Ennassiri


    ISO 100
    Focale : F/5,6
    Temps d'exposition 1/60 secondes
    Mode flash : Pas de flash, obligatoire
    Distance focale : 55 mm


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    Re: Equestrian

    Hello Houcine.

    It is an interesting silhouette. One minor suggestion is to remove the two spots in the upper left corner. Don't know if they are birds or sensor spots, but they do not add to the image.

    I think the composition might have been more interesting if the men were riding into the photo instead of out of the photo. You have a beautiful sky on the right, but if you could taken the shot with the men on the right and the bright orange/yellow on the left, the image would be outstanding.

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