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Thread: Sunset in Abu Dhabi

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    Sunset in Abu Dhabi

    Dear friends,

    These photos were taken this evening at about 6.45 pm in near the Meena Port in Abu Dhabi. Anyway for me to improve my shooting skills would be appreciated.

    CK See
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    Re: Sunset in Abu Dhabi

    C&C per req:

    1. A good try, but there's a bit missing, or perhaps more accurately, a bit too much. I'm assuming that the two flowers in the foreground were the main subject of the image. If so, then they're pretty much over-powered by the background and other greenery. Because of how little there actually is to these particular plants/flowers (ie they're not a big solid bloom like a rose) they're going to be very difficult to get a good shot of in the wild - the white tops blend in with the white building, and the green stems with the other green plants. Always try and minimize your background in close-up/macro work to avoid distracting the eye.

    2. Very nice; I really like the way you've captured the silhouette of the various structures as well as the sun without overpowering any single thing. Nice work!

    3. Nice, but I think it could have been improved even further by the use of a graduated neutral density filter to enhance the sky and reduce the dynamic range of the image.

    Just my $00.02 worth - your milage may vary


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