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Thread: Edinburgh Meerkats

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    Edinburgh Meerkats

    I was recently at Edinburgh Zoo with some friends. I'd been asked to get some shots of their son for his grandparents, so I only had my 17-55mm lens. However the Meerkats were being friendly so I managed to get these shots (I think I need to return with my telephoto to do them justice).

    They've had minimal post-processing, really just cropped and down-sized.

    {First post, so apologies if the images end up huge}

    "Did you guys hear that?"
    Edinburgh Meerkats

    "I see you"
    Edinburgh Meerkats

    Edinburgh Meerkats

    This last would have been better if there was no log behind the Meerkat.

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    Re: Edinburgh Meerkats

    I like these shots, especially the second one. It's a case where centering the subject works.

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