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Thread: Fight Face (C&C welcome!)

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    Fight Face (C&C welcome!)

    Meet aNOMaly of the Detroit Derby Girls. Taken immediately after their 158-157 victory over Pittsburgh. This is obviously a rather informal shot - I'm posting to see if you guys think the PP is too blatant.

    Fight Face (C&C welcome!)

    Canon 60D with 20mm lens at f2.8, 1/40sec, ISO1600. Canon 580EX II flash with a full CTO gel on the shoe, aimed straight up at -2/3EV (ceiling is off-white acoustic tile about 8 feet above the flash).

    Most of the vignetting is a natural effect of the flash, but I added some and lightly burned her arms in PP. Also applied mild trapezoidal and barrel distortions to the whole frame, enlarging the top to make her face appear closer to the camera. Normally I steer clear of mods like that, since they seem like a slippery slope to the kinds of alterations that make me hate fashion and lifestyle mag covers. But here, I think it turned out rather well.

    Is the distortion obvious or inappropriate to the subject? Any other comments are also welcome.

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    Re: Fight Face (C&C welcome!)

    No. It's not that drastic to begin with and for this type of photograph (sports related) a bit over the top is expected.

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