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Thread: more birds

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    more birds

    Hey 2 more pigeon pics they totally going for food and backround really aint nice.. but this was the 2nd day i had my new Nikon D5100..and i actually had never really picked up any camera bfor
    C+C welcome!! maybe crop in tighter or not? although i already cropped and zoomed a bit bfor putting these images here.

    more birds

    Nikon D5100 ISO 400--SS 1/1600--F7.10 82mm on 55-200mm

    more birds

    I could especially use advice on PP
    THanks all

    ISO 640--SS 1/1000--F5.6 82 on 55-200mm
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    Re: more birds

    ~ maybe crop in tighter or not?
    If anything, I'd leave a little more space top and bottom on the first shot, Claudio.

    The second is fine - I tried 'loosing' a bit more arm - but it is better as you have it.

    I could especially use advice on PP
    Nothing too obviously bad, but ...

    The exposure on both might be a bit over - unless you over-did that in PP?

    The second is taller than most people's screens, I recommend a height (regardless of aspect ratio) of no more than 1000px.
    As it stands, few will see it in Lytebox at 100% when sized to their screen, which in turn means they won't see it at optimal sharpness.


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