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Thread: Antique Auto Museum

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    Antique Auto Museum

    Went to a Auto museum a few weeks ago. In some areas the lighting was good, other areas it was bad. It was better where I took this photo and its pretty much SOOC with the 50mm 1.4 with a very little PP in color efex pro. The reddish hue on the left of the photo is a reflection from one of the antique neon car signs.

    Im not sure about the composition or if its missing something. it was a tight shot to start with and the image is not cropped. I was trying to eliminate some of the reflections from the other car next to it and some distracting props on the far left. They also had some low metal barriers in front of all the vehicles to keep people out so trying to get an image from further back would have those barriers cutting across the bottom.
    Any suggestions?

    Antique Auto Museum
    The Imperial by MikePhoto63, on Flickr

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    Re: Antique Auto Museum

    Nothing really missing, perhaps some focal point with maximum sharpening such as the headlight, front fender, or model.

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