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Thread: Sibling Puppies

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    Sibling Puppies

    The black and white pups are males and the brown and white puppy is a female. They are about 8-weeks old. The girl and larger boy are short haired while the little boy, image right, has a longer coat. Our American Maltese Rescue received them and their mom from the Kern County, California Shelter and are fostering the family until we find "furever homes" for them...

    Sibling Puppies

    We don't know what combination of breeds produced these cute puppies. They may have some miniature fox terrier genes or even Chihuahua genes floating around. They don't look anything like their mom:

    Sibling Puppies

    We "think" that Katie is a Bischon Friese + Maltese mix.

    It would be nice to satisfy our curiosity and do a DNA test but, American Maltese Rescue has better uses for our limited funds...
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    Re: Sibling Puppies

    Shouldn't take long to get them adopted. Nicely done.

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