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Thread: will this work

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    will this work

    hi all will this lens work on my 1000d ......Sigma 400mm f5.6 APO Telephoto prime lens for Canon Full Frame and APS-C DSLR
    im thinking that i will have restricted use anyone out there know the answer

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    Re: will this work

    It seems uncertain if I have read this article/review correctly

    Apparently, and I may be wrong, this is a discontinued lens (if it is the same model) and the lenses come with various firmware to suit certain older cameras.

    It was tested successfully on a 350D but with a warning about older versions of the lens having out of date firmware. And your camera is later than the 350D.

    So I would want firm assurance before even trying the lens.

    The review was actually quite positive about the lens quality but I suppose it has been replaced by the Sigma 150-500 zoom; which is a suitable alternative. Although it does have some limitations.

    However, I would recommend the 150-500 as a decent lens at a realistic price for use in good lighting conditions; preferably using the F8 to F11 settings.

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    Re: will this work

    Almost 100% certain - NO: it will not work properly.

    Whichever of the two lens models the lens is: it very likely that you will NOT have "restricted use", but more likely that you will have “no use” - as you will probably get "Error 99" and the camera will be temporarily disabled.


    From my (old) Sigma data sheets -

    There are two “Sigma 400mm F/5.6 APO” lenses:
    • Sigma AF 400mm f/5.6 APO [Lens Product Code #171] (N.B. there are two versions of this lens but both share the same data with respect to this question). Production 1989~1994.
    • Sigma AF 400mm f/5.6 APO Macro HSM [Lens Product Code #172]. Production 1995~2001.

    Sigma Lens Product Code #171
    Is listed “as compatible” with Digital EOS models up to and including the EOS D60.
    Is NOT upgradeable to work with any later model, EOS Digital Cameras.

    Sigma Lens Product Code #172
    Is listed as “compatible” with EOS up to and including the EOS 30 / EOS 33 (both film cameras) and the lens is “upgradeable” to work with (Digital EOS Cameras) up to and including the EOS 300D and also the EOS 10D.
    But, (as noted above), this lens has been known to work on some other EOS Cameras which were released after those models I mentioned.
    For example (as per above) the EOS 350D - and I have noted mentions of this lens working with some EOS 20D’s, but also I have noted mentions of this lens NOT working with some EOS20D’s.


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