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Thread: Screenwire as a DOF Indicator

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    Screenwire as a DOF Indicator

    Today, there was a moth on the screening as I went out into the Real World on an important photographic mission, armed with the mighty SD10. This kind of moth is pretty boring when shot from the top, especially when its wings are folded. So I tried a side shot which gave a bonus of using the doorway as a support. I should have expected it really - but it was quite a surprise to see the screen wires clearly showing the depth of field, just like a ruler in a tutorial!

    Screenwire as a DOF Indicator

    Screenwire for side shots . . . don't leave home without it
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    Re: Screenwire as a DOF Indicator

    that is a neat shot of the moth. Not sure I've seen one of those and I'm not that far from you. (in Texas terms, anyway. )

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