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Thread: Celebrating screw-type wine bottles

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    Celebrating screw-type wine bottles

    Wine that was initially shipped years ago in bottles with screw closures were inexpensive wines. The wine was not necessarily bad or even mediocre, but it was always inexpensive. Today, more and more wines that are of better and better quality and higher and higher prices are being shipped in bottles that have screw closures.

    When it comes to wines being sold in the U.S. market (the only market I know), New Zealand was probably the leader in shipping bottles with screw closures. So, it's no surprise that the most expensive wine I have seen in a screw-type bottle is a Pinot Noir from New Zealand. It sells for about USD $30 - $40.

    French wineries are so steeped in tradition established centuries ago that it's also no surprise that I have seen the fewest screw-type bottles being used in France. As an example, I have never seen a screw-type bottle being used for wine from Bordeaux or Burgundy. I would be willing to bet that the last holdout to convert from cork closures to screw closures will be one of the first growth grand cru Bordeaux wineries. There are only five such properties and their wines that are decades old sometimes sell for thousands of USD for a standard bottle. I expect to live a lot longer, perhaps another 30 years, but not long enough to see a first growth grand cru Bordeaux shipped in a screw-type bottle.

    Even so, I look forward to the days that the makings of this scene are mostly forgotten. So, I toast to the ever increasing importance of the screw-type wine bottle!

    C&C encouraged, though I have nothing to ask.

    Celebrating screw-type wine bottles

    Celebrating screw-type wine bottles
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    Re: Celebrating screw-type wine bottles

    I will raise a glass to your toast. Oh heck, what am I is St Patricks day, I will raise my glass to ANYTHING!!!!!

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