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Thread: Newbie to SLR Limited budget Canon t4i or Nikon 3200? What lens?

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    Newbie to SLR Limited budget Canon t4i or Nikon 3200? What lens?

    Hi I'm new to SLR cameras and need advice. I want to use the camera for Sports, Landscape and Portrait. Looking at the Canon T4i 18 mp bundle with the 18-55 + 55-250 lens or 18-135 lens. or the Nikon 3200 24.2mp with the 18-55 + 55-200. Advice please.

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    Re: Newbie to SLR Limited budget Canon t4i or Nikon 3200? What lens?

    Any of the solutions you are looking at will work, except potentially for sports. For sports, it does depend on what you are planning to achieve (type of sports, lighting conditions, distance to subject, etc.). All of the lenses you are looking at are a bit short and slow for fast moving sporting events. If you look at the sidelines at a major sporting event, you will quickly see that sports photographers are the ones that have the most expensive gear that Canon and Nikon produce. Long fast zoom or prime telephotos are extremely expensive and camera bodies that shoot at a high frame rates with good low-light performance are well outside of most people's budgets,

    I own the two Nikon lenses you have in mind. They are optically quite acceptable, but they are kit lenses, so the build quality is not as robust as a more expensive lens.

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    Re: Newbie to SLR Limited budget Canon t4i or Nikon 3200? What lens?

    Have you considered a second hand nikon D7000 or canon 7D? although these cameras may seem more complicated they are actually easier to use because you dont need to wade through menus to change key settings this can be done mainly with the camera still at the eye.

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    Re: Newbie to SLR Limited budget Canon t4i or Nikon 3200? What lens?

    Scott Kelby's YouTube Video has some good points.

    IMO: The entry level cameras and kit lenses do an amazing job. However, when you are pushing the envelope such as in sports photography, the more expensive cameras and top-line lenses certainly have their place.

    Auto focus is faster and more accurate when using a camera like a Canon 7D and a L class lens.

    Selective focus, in which you can isolate an athlete or a small group of athletes, against a background that is out of focus, is easier when you are shooting a lens with a larger aperture than the kit lenses. An f/2.8 or even an f/4 lens can isolate focus better than a f/5.6.

    The 7D has some wonderful customizeable auto focus capabilities making it the top amongst 1.6x cameras for sports.

    Maximum burst speeds are faster with a camera such as a 7D and the buffer size is larger allowing longer burst shooting.

    All-in-all, while you CAN shoot sports using the T4i and kit lens set, it certainly is not an ideal combinaton for that use...

    I also urge you not to automatically assume that a UWA lens is needed for landscape photography. Often a normal angle lens or even a telephoto lens will provde better imagery than the UWA lens. This is especially true when a pano is shot. The UWA, IMO, is a more specialized tool and is best used to accentuate a dominant close feature such as a rock or bush than just to get a wider left to right view. In that case, the foregraound and sky is usually the principle portion of the image with just a small area of interest at the horizon.

    I like shooting portraits with a longer focal length lens because, IMO, the longer focal length (shot at a dreater lens to subject distance) provides a more flatering perspective...
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