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Thread: Theatrical shots

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    Theatrical shots

    Stomp the Rock (based on Stomp) - theatrical production in Grand Cayman.

    Challenging conditions, but quite enjoyable.
    650 shots in 60 minutes, keeping 283. Not a bad keeper rate.

    I liked these two as they gave an indication as to the entertainment value of the show (other shots gave an indication as to what the show was about).
    250mm (travel lens, 1-250mm), 1/60s (handheld), iso 1600
    Theatrical shots

    250mm, 1/100s (handheld), iso 3200
    Theatrical shots

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    Re: Theatrical shots

    I like the character of the second shot. It's one of those rare cases where I think a strongly angled horizon and a crop tight enough to leave bits of her out might add some fun drama and motion. Focal plane seems to be a little too close to the photographer (looks like it's right over the cylinder), and shutter speed was a bit slow, which is a shame, because the detail in her hair is somewhat compromised. Nevertheless, it's a great moment with cute gesture.

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