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Thread: strap for telephoto lens

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    strap for telephoto lens

    i have just got myself a nikon 300mm f4 and i am looking for a strap fitting to attach to the tripod/monopod ring, but i still need to use the lens with a tripod/monopod qr plate.
    i have an optech fitting that will do the job but it does seem rather flimsy. is there a better option?

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    Re: strap for telephoto lens

    If it is the same Optech strap assembly that I use, it is extremely strong. About 10 mm wide synthetic webbing and nicely thin.

    When I purchased my Canon 7D the first thing I did was to ditch the hideous gaudy thick Canon strap.

    However, I'm not sure exactly what you want to do in the way of strap attachment. There are several Optech options.

    My system comes in three segments. Two straps which connect to the camera body, one each side, plus a wider clip in middle section for use as a shoulder strap. With this middle section removed, the two thin straps snap together to produce a shorter carrying handle/ neck strap.

    There are alternatives which bolt into the tripod attachment screw hole. But I didn't want this alternative because I frequently use my camera/lens on a tripod.

    The camera attachment straps work well whatever lens is used, including up to a Sigma 150-500 lens.

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    Re: strap for telephoto lens

    I can't echo Geoff's Optech recommendation. Mine lasted about two weeks of heavy use, and I never really trusted their plastic buckles. I would up making my own sling and hand strap system, but most people probably don't need the level of bombproofing I built into mine.

    Black Rapid straps like their entry-level RS-4 are extremely popular. They have a plate which mounts to either the bottom of the camera, or to the lens support ring on a long telephoto. Solid, reliable, and widely used.

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