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Thread: Ed's Amateur Architecture Hour

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    Ed's Amateur Architecture Hour

    OK, I know I'm the new guy and I'm still using my miniature camera, so have some fun at my expense.

    Well, It's worse than showing a bad picture. I reduced the file to 316K, but it does not appear.
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    Re: Ed's Amateur Architecture Hour

    Have another go at uploading your photo. Like many sites, there are a few quirks about showing images here; and it took me a few attempts before I sused things out.

    Are you attempting a straight paste in or a link from another site? That took me a few tries too.

    And don't worry about showing photos from basic cameras; this isn't an exclusive club and everybody here is extremely willing to be helpful.

    You may find some helpful advice in the FAQ section probably better to read this than have me attempt to be helpful and just add to your confusion!
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    Re: Ed's Amateur Architecture Hour

    I know I'm the new guy and I'm still using my miniature camera, so have some fun at my expense.
    Will not happen on this site, even he Ladies are Gentlemen...c'mon you know what I mean Try POTN if you want a really good thrashing about the inadequacy of your equipment


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    Re: Ed's Amateur Architecture Hour

    Hi Ed,

    Firstly welcome to the CiC forums and sorry you've started with a time

    Not sure how you have tried, there is no hint of an image tag in your post.

    Have a read of this;
    How do I post images here?

    Whatever method you were trying, try one of these instead and see how you get on.
    It definitely works and isn't reliant upon external variables beyond our control, such as any hosting sites you may be using.

    Oh and Geoff and Steve are right, we don't have a 'class system' here. I was here over a year and I think I even become a moderator before I got a DSLR.


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