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Thread: Lenses suitable for Fashion photogrphy

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    Lenses suitable for Fashion photogrphy

    I have Cannon 400D camera body, can someone suggest what kind on lenses are suitable for fashion photography . And based on your experince which one you would prefer if you are given option for managing with one.

    One more point , do you think first of all cannon 400D is suitable for this purposes and to produce pics of professional class.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Lenses suitable for Fashion photogrphy

    The 400D can produce fine photos. For fashion photography it really depends on the type (runway and dynamic one on one shoots have very different requirements, for example). The 24/28-70 mm focal length range is great on a full frame camera; this would be roughly 15/17-50 mm on a 1.6X censor. Just make sure that whatever lens you get has a large maximum aperture...f/2.8 should be an absolute minimum.

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    Re: Lenses suitable for Fashion photogrphy

    I too enjoy taking fashion shots and agree with McQ that a fast lens is very useful, especially if you are shooting runway. With studio lights or outdoor shots, then perhaps this is less important for those of us who do not have expensive lenses.

    Personally I also find a longer zoom very useful, especially for head shots or detail *say to capture hats or jewellery or make up). Many portrait photographers like to use a long zoom.

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    Re: Lenses suitable for Fashion photogrphy

    In film days, the classic "portrait" lens is 75mm to 100mm. These moderate telephoto lenses gives a flattering view of the model and is easier (and less expensive) to produce with wider apertures. Wide angle lenses tend to exaggerate perspective and must be used carefully.

    In APC size cameras which the Canon 400D is, a 50mm lens is a good inexpensive option. Canon offers a number of choices with maximum apertures up to f/1.2. These lenses give a natural appearance, and decent depth of field when desired.


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