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Thread: Bordeaux church

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    Re: Bordeaux church

    Hi eNo,

    Imposing picture, technically seems very good to me, looking at the flickr /meta, I see you probably used the same camera settings I would have.

    I feel it is a shame the top right corner is blue sky and hence much darker than the top left cloudy corner, sort of gives it a look of lop-sided vignette effect. I wonder how quickly, if at all, those clouds were moving and whether waiting five minutes would have given a more even skyscape (or possibly just made things worse )

    However, the image may actually lose impact if it were evenly white cloud both top corners, so I raise it more as a discussion point than a criticism.


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    Re: Bordeaux church

    Great image!

    I actually like the 'lopsided' sky

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    Re: Bordeaux church

    Thanks, guys. I actually considered duplicating the layer, masking the sky out in the top layer, and flipping it horizontally in the back layer. That way, the darker steeple (on the right) would be against the lighter sky, and the brighter steeple would fall against the darker sky. I thought about it and then shook it off. Unless the symmetry is perfect, I'll have to spend hours touching up the edges to remove halos.

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    Re: Bordeaux church

    Another great shot! I love the perspective.


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