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Thread: Match monitors with a Spyder4 Pro

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    Match monitors with a Spyder4 Pro

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a Spyder4 Pro to match the colors of my television, my girlfriends laptop and my own laptop.
    We edited both some photos and they didn't look the same on other screens, but after calibration the screens still look very different. See the photo below.


    I do know that all LCD panels have different charateristics so they're never exactly the same, but I didn't expect such a difference.

    I calibrated all the screens with the same configuration:
    Gamma: 2.2
    White point: Native
    Brightness: 120

    Did I do something wrong or was it to easy to think that buying a calibration tool would solve the problem.

    Hopefully someone can help me with this because I'm very new to calibration of monitors.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Match monitors with a Spyder4 Pro

    The profiling tool can only do so much. Television screens in particular tend to have fairly poor colour accuracy and don't use the same colour space as computer screens, so unless you have a studio monitor, your lack of success in profiling it is no surprise at all.

    Laptops, in general have fairly poor screen quality too, as they have been built primarily to be light weight and have good battery life. Colour accuracy in all but a few high end models runs from mediocre to downright poor. Often these displays have very limited controls to allow the user to make anything more than the most basic adjustments. Many of these units use TN (twisted nematic) technology, which is natively only 6-bits per channel (18-bit total); which only gives one 262,144 different combinations. Any greater bit depth is done through emulation, and colour accuracy is not necessarily particularly good. This is far removed from the roughly 10 million colour combinations that the human eye can make out, and far less than the 16-million colours of the sRGB colour space.

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    Re: Match monitors with a Spyder4 Pro

    Nopt to pirate your thread but, I think that this query lines up with your original question...

    The thing that I have wondered is if I calibrate my screen for my printer (Canon Pixma 9000 Pro II) will the image also look good posted on sites like CiC?

    Or; do I need to edit two very different versions: one for printing and the other for posting on the Internet?

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    Re: Match monitors with a Spyder4 Pro

    Hi Richard
    The simple answer is that you need two but the more complex answer depends on the quality of your printer, calibrated screen and printer profile. If you calibrate your screen to your printer then you usually limit or alter the colour gamut. Remember that whatever you do the view that we see is dependent on our viewing device!

    Hope this helps

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