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Thread: Bridges

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    What do you think of the composition? Would a polarizing filter improve it? For me the place has fond memories, one reason for taking it.


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    Re: Bridges

    If possible, I would have liked to see just a fraction more of the bridge on the left side, Michael.

    Back when I shot with film, I did use polarizers to add a little zap to a scene. And I have experimented with them on occasions when shooting digital.

    But I've never found much extra from a polarizer that I couldn't do better with a little bit of a tweak during editing.

    However, this includes careful selection of the exposure settings. Then shot in Raw followed by a little editing with layers and masks or layer blend mode variations.

    With your scene, a little Local Contrast Enhancement may be worth trying. Perhaps Unsharp Mask around 20 or 30% and 30 or 40 radius (as a starting point).

    Alternatively, I might try creating a duplicate layer and adjusting the Blend Mode to Soft Light around 50 or 60%.

    In either case, watch the highlights in the clouds for any over exposure.

    There are other options, such as a rather gentle bit of HDR from two or three shots, but carefully taken on a tripod.

    The basic scene looks good. It's just a tiny bit of extra zap that might be worth considering.

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