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Thread: Seagulls on bouy

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    Seagulls on bouy

    C&C Please?
    This is one of my person favorites.

    Seagulls on bouy

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    Re: Seagulls on bouy

    fantastic location very dramatic color tones all around,specially the water behind i see a lot of interesting expressions on the faces of the sea gulls,though out of focus, due to dof effect focus is good.i feel the pic lacks a little balance due to ur composition but still it has become one of my personal favorite pics too in here i think the seagulls have been pictured in a rare grounded location! is the key light,headlights of a car?

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    Re: Seagulls on bouy

    However many times I look at this I can't get away from the illusion of birds beaks looking upwards (from in a nest?) created by the joints in the buoy/barrage. Indeed it makes the gull for me almost secondary.

    Am I alone in this thought?

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    Re: Seagulls on bouy

    thanks taken, and no its all natural lighting. it was about 4 o'clock i think.

    Thanks for your critic everyone!

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