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Thread: Well it's a depressing day...

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    Well it's a depressing day...

    Not yet seasoned with the camera I wonder about capturing emotion with it.

    That thing you see in others...

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    Re: Well it's a depressing day...

    Welcome to my world Benny! I have been taking 'snapshots' for some time and am now trying to get more serious about making images that convey emotion through the exploration of shape, line, form, light etc. It is an ongoing struggle for me and sometimes I don't think that I will ever get 'it'. However, I am forcing myself to work through it by going out with the camera more often and doing lots of reading on the genre.

    I recently watched a presentation called "Crush the Composition" by Scott Kelby. ( It is an hour long but I thought worth the time. Two things that really resonated for me were:

    Trust your eye (something made you stop and want to take a picture) and then work the scene. I had never really grasped the concept of working a scene until he described it in terms of the camera (angles of approach, high vs. low, focus, close vs wide, etc.) and showed example images.

    Last time I was out with the camera I tried to incorporate these two tips into my shooting and did in fact come away with some images that were better than usual (not yet spectacular though ).

    Not sure if this helps but at least you now know you are not alone in your struggles...

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    Re: Well it's a depressing day...

    ooo thanks for the link shane!

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    Re: Well it's a depressing day...

    Hi yobenny! If you are talking about capturing the emotion of other people then prioritizing the eyes is a good way to start. And a personal favorite of mine is to capture images on black & white to add some "drama". Here is an article I made about B&W photography if you want to learn more:

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