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Thread: Zoner Photo Studio 15

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    Zoner Photo Studio 15

    Has anyone used this software? I have just recently come across it and it looks interesting and user friendly

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    Re: Zoner Photo Studio 15

    I have just downloaded and gave it a try. Looks and acts a lot like ACDSee Pro (which is my favourite).
    I didn't quite get into the details such as RAW editing and etc. but it seems like a nice piece of software.

    I have found some time to play with it. On my desktop PC (an old guy with W7 64 bit OS) RAW editing runs slow. Again, RAW editing functions are somehow limited compared to other software (non Adobe let's say) such as RAW Therapee or ACD See.
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    Re: Zoner Photo Studio 15

    Hello there,

    Zoner Software customer support here. :-) It's hard to comment on the topic slow RAW editing without knowing what it's being compared to (a specific program, or a general expectation of how fast it should be, or something else); just speaking in general - RAW development is processor-intensive, and on an older machine especially, it can take some time.

    Regarding RAW editing... RAWs are really made to be developed, not edited, though admittedly there is software out there that allows editing anyway. We do at least save sets of intended development settings in sidecar XMP files, which is editing of a sort, and of course the very process of development feels a lot like editing, and it's probably what you're referring to, so maybe I'm nitpicking too much here about words.

    Developing, editing, or under any other name, if you name a specific thing or three that you'd like to do during RAW development and you're accustomed to being able to do it in saw ACDSee and you don't see it in our RAW Module, please mention it in your reply - it may just be in a place and/or under a name that's not intuitive for you, and I can guide you to it.

    Best regards,

    Erik Piper
    Zoner Software Customer Support

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