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Thread: A couple more whitetails.

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    A couple more whitetails.

    A couple of feeding / behavioral shots. Most of the time, a whitetail will feed above the snow, if there is enough food available. It takes alot more energy to dig in the snow, to eat. (once they do start digging, they will return to the same area, so they don't have to dig as much)

    This one is feeding from a blown down pine limb..........................

    A couple  more whitetails.

    Whitetails get lethargic in the winter. Their metabolisim slows down alot, to conserve energy. Even though they are up and moving, i often see them take little cat naps. They just stand there, and close their eyes for a couple minutes, before moving on to feed.

    A couple  more whitetails.

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    Re: A couple more whitetails.

    Nice scenes. The second one would make a perfect Christmas Card.

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