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Thread: Lightroom to printer

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    Lightroom to printer

    Hello to all,
    Over the past few months I have taken photographs and have processed them using Lightroom & have been happy with the outcome. I tried printing images and found a mixture of dark, blurry, out of focus like photo's - Not at all good. In the end I printed off what I needed using Publisher. Can someone please advise me what I might be doing wrong & what I need to do to get a good computer image onto paper? Many thanks.....

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    Re: Lightroom to printer


    It is impossible to know what you are doing wrong unless you describe all of what you are doing--every step. It is not a limitation of Lightroom. Lightroom's print module is very good. I do all of my printing from Lightroom now and have consistently good results. So either you have a printer problem, or you will have to document your entire process for printing from Lightroom.


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